Masterarbeiten und Praktika


Prof. Scharnowski

1) Conceptualizing exposure therapy as dynamic feedback system

We aim at better understanding and optimizing exposure therapy. Specifically, we investigate psychological, peripheral physiological and neuroimaging measures to computationally model exposure therapy as closed-loop feedback systems.

Contact: Cindy Lor, Frank Scharnowski


2) Real-time fMRI Neurofeedback

We will conduct multiple studies investigating the ability to regulate emotional states using real-time fMRI neurofeedback in both healthy individuals and psychiatric patient populations. This method consists of using brain-computer interfaces that provide feedback of neural states using brain imaging.

Contact: Andrew NicholsonFrank Scharnowski


3) Machine-learning with psychological data

Generally, machine-learning techniques are powerful tools for data analysis. Particularly in psychology, where heterogeneous, multimodal data are ubiquitous. We offer the chance to dive into this hot topic and to gain hands-on experience with real world machine-learning applications.

Contact: David SteyrlFrank Scharnowski


Prof. Voracek


Dr. Tran